what poetry means to me

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I. The thin, paperback covers of the children's anthologies were cool to the touch Under my fingers, still chubby and child-like. They were pleasing to the eye, Lined up so neatly on the shelf.
Painfully shy, an introvert, without many friends A child of divorce, found salvation with a pen Black and blue world, smudged ink on her hands Wrote herself a ticket to faraway dreamlands
Compulsions undescribed No outlet for emotions A cage of my own making But I forgot the door   Tick tock Goes the clock Ticking my thoughts away Deeper and deeper inside my cage  
Poetry, For when I'm tongue tied or afraid of being criticized for the controversial thoughts lingering in my mind. Poetry, For when I feel like no one can hear what I say so I release it on a page to free my knowledge from its cage.
Poetry is my sunshine My gateway to heaven I couldn't go a day without it Not ever cooncerned about if it rhymes My poetry speaks values It gives me a sense of importance Like I never have to wait
I don’t write for myself Or to impress anyone I write just to get the thoughts out of my head The things I am dying to say But can never speak
Poetry is cruel Just as all words are But they say the best are written by fools Smearing the truth, concealed by blue jewels   It is a chance for the barren to have a strong son
Music was a part of me and with that they called me poetry,no one understood what it meant to me,simply cause they were never next to me.To see my ups to see my downs,to see the light to see the dark.Everyday seemed to be a new test but still,I sa
    Meet Poetry she is not bound by the chains of prose she grasps ideas and traps them in the poet's hands like butterflies then releases them into the atomosphere of thought to be absorbed by hungry minds
       life.the feeling of being alive and not just living   of living and not just being alive.every word; a heartbeat in rhythm set to the cadenceof every inhale and every exhale.
Like a stream flowing to an ocean, An eagle flying over the mountains, The sun peeking through the trees, A vision comes to me. The smell a warm aroma,
When I shut my eyes tight letters flow; ink spilled from a bottle. I am patient for I know words do not like to be coddled.   I let the letters connect, making words, words into sentences.
Poetry? What does it mean to me? In every way I write it, It must be Is poetry an acronym? Or a word with a synonym? Could I just make up the meaning? Thus having a whim.
The words fill the blank page while tears and sweat leave me while the sorrow and pain is no longer physical it falls onto the paper below memories are brought with each word written
Cold water on the body of the slide, dripping from a storm..the sound of children screaming... recess alone with a pad and pen. My own world made of ink and devotion,
Without poetry, life would be very bland I express my thoughts and feelings through words written down, through rhyme its something that helps me get my thoughts written coherently across a blank page
This is for you— you who cannot escape, who wishes that dragons existed if only to heat your existence and give you reason to live and to breathe.
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