Good enough

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 Simple things have always been able to thrill me.An unexpected box of Thin Mints,the sun streaming through clouds on a wide open field,a garlic press from someone who just wants to make my life a bit easier,and especially the smile of a baby who
I have imagined his return More times than I have missed him More times than I can breathe More times than my heart has beat   I can’t inhale the idea
rock back and forth though the baby has died. clench the small cold hand. look in to lifeless eyes. this baby's your little girl. gone long ago. I'm sorry you loved her. and failed to notice.
Dark skies Lonely nights. A city full of people. Yet its not so bright. I'm so in love but I'm not. Maybe just in love with feeling. In your stomach. You know,  the knot?
A year ago today The end of October A happy girl stood on a scale and saw the number had dropped Joy filled her! Soon she had to buy all new jeans because all of hers were to big Size 8! Isn't that great!
you are as bright as the sun, a shining beacon meant to bring joy. you are as beautiful as the moon, your cracks and crevices the perfect imperfections. you are as great as the ocean,
The one thing I cannot live without is the belief that I am GOOD ENOUGH. Before I realized I was GOOD ENOUGH, life was much harder, days much longer, problems much bigger AND worries much more suffocating.
What if I’m never good enough for those I adore? I see wonders in a new face: ensnared by her  beauty grace and warm heart. captivated by an overwhelming, happy presence;
  I’ve swallowed the burning flames before, With every breathe I inhale for, My heart has wept for you once more,   My love is banging at your door, And I’m searching for your touch,
Elementary is the life While Highschool is a game Humans define your status as you slowly become mundane
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