'love' 'acceptance' 'equality'

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I am a girl, but i don't play dress-up. I am a girl, but I play in the dirt. I am a girl, but I don't like pink. I am a girl, but I love me some jeans.  I am a girl, or am I?
  King’s Red Hill     I find myself on King’s red hill, overlooking the words, move or stand still.
Nothing is more beautiful  Than a father in total aura Of his young daughter   
in a world so blind i am the only one who can see the damage that has been done,  the pain that has caused so many to bleed.   a world built from a dream forced into a reality
Inequality revolves around the idea of stereotypes. Black, White, Yellow, Red,
Overtime, society has built a picture of what a girl should be like and what a boy should be like based on religion, morals, natural instinct, and power.
In the darkness of night, As patrons of their plight, They march straight into the light. Love is the lie we tell ourselves so we do not go extinct.
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