'sexual desire'

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For anyone who may be interested, Pornhub premium is free! This is needed now Since the only person touching my clit is me   I browse the site. I live in a world of fantasies.
Asexual is not a lie We don’t want attention No one simply needs a good fuck We are people too   According to biology sex is a necessity We disagree Sex is a pleasure But not for me
I was lying in bed, with a man i  had. He  looked me in the eyes,  kissed me on my thigh, and took me by surprise. I felt a sudden  rush of blood and warmth of my body, radiating through my skin.
I observe & your face says it all When I’m pleasinWhen I’m teasinWhen I’m eatin..Juices like honey Natural & raw 
I carry myself through the night unaware of my surroundings wondering who he was - senselessly I begin to think of words not spoken teach me how to hod you when you're scared and alone.
men do no doubt posses a quiet respectable humble appearance   men confide the evil assumption
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