'sexual abuse' 'sexual harassment' 'broken trust' 'redemption' 'strength'

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Tears, tears go away.Why must you come back almost every day?You remind me of my pain.You remind me of my past.Why can't you go away?Just let this happiness last.
If I went back in time To steal his favorite toy The boy Might think I did him wrong Might think What a bitch she is for taking what's mine Find my favorite toy
  Clammy palms, Closing throat Why didn’t I know? I saw the clues but I would’ve never imagined this dude Pressing himself onto me like I’m just a hot piece of meat
It was snowing outside when he first hurt me. He who’s name that I cannot speak without tears, used to be so familiar to me. We dated for a couple years,
Why doesn't she believe that she is worth more than this. She is worth more than this. Her body is something special, something that not everyone deserves to explore
I ask for your trust To know my clothes didn’t reply With a yes to his hands, When my own rights he denied. I ask for you to realize,
My mom tells me"Forgiveness is a journey, not a destination." I like to believe that. I like to imagine myself.One day.Looking him in the eye and telling him "You owe me nothing"
I carry my purse wherever I go. I have private things inside that I never show. I have a phone and a wallet amongst other things. Sometimes I even carry around my favorite rings.
  She isn't broken, but if she were it would be simpler, because then she could fix herself.   She isn't broken, but bruised, not cracked, but dented.   she once loved so deeply,
When I talk about my rape people tell me to talk about something else, something less of a drag Like they're telling me to be quiet. But I have been quiet for much too long
She didn’t know That I was swept away by all the tears of being a teen   Even though I was in my 20’s   She didn’t know 
Nothing Happened.  Words I always say. Because rembering that day. like living a nightmare  Pretending not to care. saying “I’m fine” But I’m not because you couldn’t stop crossing that line.
HushMy faultHushI could have stopped itHushI wanted itHushNobody will believe meHushHe didn’t know it was wrongHushHe said he was sorryHush
i am my poetry every line, every stanza is the story of me   you can feel my pain rhyming to help keep me sane   eloquence is the technique to make life make sense
Look at her and what do you see You see her You see her happy You see her laughing You see her smiling You see her engaging
What you told me to do was"To be slient" What you told me to do was "To open your  legs" What you told me do was " Not tell the world"
Evermore a passing thought I can lie about love I can lie about lust But when you lie  I turn to dust  
dear night time lurker,
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