Give Us Back Our Girls

If I went back in time

To steal his favorite toy

The boy

Might think

I did him wrong

Might think

What a bitch she is for taking what's mine

Find my favorite toy

Put it back where it belonged

I wonder how he'd feel

If not only did I steal

But I killed the new dog he just bought

So I walked

Straight into his neighborhood

Quick and unannounced

With not an ounce

Of good intentions

I waited

I listened

I snatched her right out of her pen

And boy was she beautiful

With eyes that shined

I was deeply inclined

Just blame her kidnapping on the moon being full

There was no need to tell her

I had plans to sell her

Pure breed on the market

I'm well aware of their worth

Though not alive for long

Depending on how strong

The highest bidding bidder turned out to be

What's that look supposed to mean

There's nothing wrong with me

What's wrong is the fact

She fell into my trap

Haven’t seen her in months

Good luck getting her back

Give her back

Give us


Our girls

This world is too cruel

It'd rather tell us in school

Cover up

Cover up

Cover up

That's the rules

It'd rather tell us in school

Beware of the fool

Your body is distracting

Stop trying to be cool

What should be taught in school

Is that respect is the golden rule

Whether my skirt reached my ankles

Or dangled above my knees


Are not and shall never be

Responsible for the boys’ learning

Laid back and undiscerning

While we are stuck concerning

Ourselves with how much skin

We're allowed to show

As if our skin smelled like secrets nobody needed to know

The boy should be learning

To keep his hands to himself

Keep his hands to himself

Or to jail he’s going to go

Let us not call him selfish

Let us not call him rude

Let us not call him monster

Let us not call him fool

This world is to cruel

Walking past the standing man

You fail to notice that bit of drool

This grown man with preying hands

Has followed you to school

He chased you as you ran

Till you ran out of fuel

Since that Monday morning

We haven’t heard from you

Mama's babygirl

Is somewhere in this world

So please give her back

Every single one

Give us


Our girls


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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