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My friends hate me. My mind echoes, With their twisted words. At first, I barely noticed, “Oh, I didn’t think you’d want to come.”
tock continues to tick and takes this train hostage; loops, speeds, nearly tips the conductor hangs with one hand  Gripping the footplate for dear life, 
sometimes the hardest jump is into shallow water because you know that you’ll be ever so safe but it leaves you wondering
She had things to say, They had games to play, They ignored her every word. She spoke her mind, But they were blind, They never looked, they never heard. They only listened When she mentioned
If I was going to write a poem about you, I would tell the whole world That you are so terrible at singing Your falsetto voice could shatter glass.
They tell us to be careful that life is hard, and cruel but I would never listen and now I look the fool.   They tell us people leave and I knew it to be true but some stay together forever
A tentative chill Born an instant ago In the silent-laced fog Surrounding the Girl Surrounding her figure As she waits in the Corner As she waits 'till forever Wanting, wanting to come out.
Tick… tick… tick… tick… The constant, continuous, maddening click. A creak, groan, the rattle of a door, Each one a sound that he’d heard before. But there were no voices to drown the monotony.
Wait until darkness. Wait until the blackness of the night engulfs me whole. Wait until the words, which once supported me like bones, shatter beneath me. Dreaming of a life in which I will never live.
i now walk through life as a ghost, unnoticed and invisible, another fatality of seclusion i’m not dead just melting away. L O
Little boy blue Don’t you have something better to do? Wandering around, Playing a fool Looking for something But you haven’t a clue.  
My lonely ship, Navigating the endless sea Of work, Of love, Of life. Feeling lost,
They say patience is a virtue. They say loneliness is a loss. They say love is forever. Don't forget to floss.
once upon a time,a monster plagued my heartmy poor, poor heartin the form of fear and disappointment.it had ferocious teethIn the shape of my motherAnd claws,oh,
I'm-   alone-   completely, alone-   me-   I- seperate myself from others, burn my bridges, build my walls till I- can be alone- in
All I want.... Is for someone to love me Someone who will listen and understand me someone who loves me for me not my body.   Someone who will always be there for me
Days are cold Nights are long Not as bold As the morning gong   Through the path Lost in the mess Of the crazy psychopath
A small blue butterfly Sits on the stone Staring at the skylight                    Completely alone   She stares at the stars So far away
There is a place, Where the world, Is not whole, That place is my heart, For I fear, that the person I hold dear, Will shatter me again, Give me some super glue, To mend my wounds,
I've done all the drugs, Yet I've never been high.   I'm always down. I can't seem to grow. And the more I take, The less I know.   Still, I know what I need,
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