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When one ponders on the word, “Inspiration”, Images of Sparks, fireworks, Laughter, cheer, And gleaming bright lights Come to mind. Oddly enough I sometimes see
Bang   The first door shuts   I weave my way through a sea of greats Disappointed because I failed to make the cut
when was it? when i had to think about loved ones never coming back when was it? when i had to grow up to help my mom the way she was suppose to help me when was it?
“Why do you sound like that?” “Shut up and fix that.” “Your accent can’t be that?”   “You can’t give a speech”
I strive to not be conformed. I've got scars I've hidden,  and faced the scorn of all my lies,  but never cried.  Know Why? Cause I was born for this.    They yell in my face, 
She laughs because while you see bullets She sees rain persistance is Her umbrella  the whispers of pain and doubt urge Her forward.   The terrain mocks Her ankles She groans as She slips
Dear Cancer,   You’ve made me grieve You still make me cry I’ve shed tears into my pillow at night till’ my eyes were puffy and burnt out
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