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I feel helpless from time to time, Its as if all I want to do is whine from nine to five. Life is a struggle with its ups and downs, making me feel as if im going to drown. Although this is how I feel on a daily,
The girl in the corner Crying her eyes out People around her No one hears her shout                                     She used love and care She used to be kind and nice
Dear God, Why can't I just die? Then this would all be over, I wouldn't be constantly screaming in my head, I wouldn't be like a broken vase, held together by craft glue.   Dear God,
Dear Cancer,   You’ve made me grieve You still make me cry I’ve shed tears into my pillow at night till’ my eyes were puffy and burnt out
A child's terrified eyes sees the world for the violent drunk it is One is not born immune to the immersive experience Of domination, damnation, Filthy bodies and even filthier minds.
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