'body image'

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A lump of clay lays before me Shape it with my abilities Thorough, reliable, and cooperative With endless possibilities   A bunch of wax pouring down
I was twelve when I realized that nobody would love me more than me School, the place where I went to get learn, was where I learned to despise myself.
A Mirror A reflection of ones self The lying, deceitful reflection Oh, how many lies can a mirror hold?  Maybe a mirror is a reflection of one's mind not physical image you say?     
I didn’t notice you at first and if I did it was through scrapes and bug bites a too tight ponytail
When hearing the phrase "O Captain, My Captain" I can only think of one person to fit this criteria. Robin Williams is and was the only person to accurately portray what it was like to struggle
dear belly,   i see you even though i don't want to see you i know you're there and i'm so thankful for you on most days you are visible and i see you without you
never censor the dirty words. unleash the violet memories of your violent childhood: lilac frocks and pomegranite seeds and leftover boo-boos because sometimes  daddy couldn't see you
Curvy and husky  who doesn’t love a little meat on those bones for those who don’t believe me obviously haven’t tried to have an actual true love  Now I want you to know, here you are always loved 
Fat F-A-T has been used so negatively I don’t get why we can’ embrace our weight Society has broken our young minds to Believe that we have to be perfect
Dear Mama,   Growing up, you poured me a bowl of Perfection For breakfast every morning. Perfection had zero calories per cup and tasted delicious.
Dear 13-year-old me, Here's something to keep in mind. You're going to spend too many months Thinking you have worth you have yet to find.   You are more than that tiny number Showing up on the scale
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