The Shape of a Man

A lump of clay lays before me

Shape it with my abilities

Thorough, reliable, and cooperative

With endless possibilities


A bunch of wax pouring down

Into a pre-made mold

Remarkable, patient, diligent

Truly a sight to behold


Water and gypsum to make a plaster

Just the same as wax

Articulate, positive, fair

The wonders of how it acts


A yard of fabric can be shaped

Or sewn or glued or just let be 

Neat, polite, and creative

Meant to be set free


A slab of marble can be chipped away

Until it creates the perfect shape

Strong, trustworthy, and humble

My creativity can escape


A brick of stone is much the same

Breaking away piece by piece

Meticulous, insightful, and generous

All my troubles can release


A chunk of wood fallen down

Carve away from its base

Adventurous, positive, and motivated

Once sturdy in its place


Sheets of glass stacked together

Fired and stained until opaque

Steady, fragile, and ambitious

Careful not to break


For metal can be burnt red hot

A gift you can bequeath

Committed, dependable, and caring

No rust hidden underneath


The shape of a man is what I will make

An ideal version to redeem

I’ll use my hopes to shape this man

Before me stands a dream


With large, rough hands

And hair all around the face

A deeper voice to sooth

Oh how quick I would replace


If I could chip away my body

Or burn it red hot

If I could mold it to perfection

My brain would no longer rot


The shape of a man is something

That I will never achieve 

For marble and metal and clay I’m not

So I will continue to grieve


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