'lgbt pride'

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What would you think if you had a son not a daughter, what would you think, if i told that i dont want to be called by my given name you so cherish. Would you be ok if you daugther was just a lie i lived.
the world will end someday, the sun will set for a final time. maybe the ocean will swell up, englufing our world in hues of blue.  maybe a rock will desend from space, exploding our world in shades of red.
People are who they are. Yes.  Really and truly full of life and love they do not Idol in their moments of Damage nor discomfort but instead in their determination to Exist entirely themselves
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
His foot catches mine and he laughs. I'm down. Even when I get back up, the sting reminds me of where I belong: the ground.   Her eye catches mine and she laughs. I'm up.
I am too I am way too please            help me                               because I                                     am too    
Dear Family,  Losing you is the thing I fear, But I need to make this very clear. I didn't fall for a different sex. Yah, I know, you fully object.  All you want for me is a man,
I met the love of my life He is kind and generous He is patient and loving He is absolutely perfect There is just a tiny little problem with him though He is in fact not a he But, a she
Can't keep a diary when there's no such thing as privacy It hurts Trapped in my body trapped in my head Who's keeping us together? Baby boy stops her from shattering
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