'death' 'dogdeath' 'sad' 'dog

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Oh, Alba, my sweet puppy, How I miss your wagging tail, Your playful bark, your silly jumps, And the love that we would share.
As vibrant as a summers glow As tough as woodchippers blade As soft as a silk woven robe But not as limited as a cloth but rather…. As intricate as persian rug
I started school at the fresh age of five, a tantrum ensued when mom left me behind, an eternity passes as the day finally ends, the bus drops me off past my house ‘round the bend, mom was there with a smile to take me back home, and when we got h
I remember the first day we got you. You came out from behind the couch with a toy and a smile. I would come cuddle with you and take you outside for walks. You always loved the snow and could roll around in it for hours.
The first time I saw you, I knew we were meant to be From the look in your eye, I knew you felt the same about me We grew close so very fast I never thought you'd become my past
Dear Lou,  We grew up together and every memory of my childhood has your small paw prints all over it. In the beginning, we feared the puppy who would nip at our feet as we ran away. Who would’ve thought that instead of screaming, we’d be laughing
You weren’t just a dog So your legacy won’t fade away, like today's morning fog   Instead you’ll always stay in my own beating heart
You lived your entire life with me, I only wish you could've been here to see, how far I've come to be.   Life hasn't been easy without you, but I guess there was nothing I could do.
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