'break up'

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he was perfect was perfect I was in denal he isn't for me anymore he he as in my love
With my heart swimming in the ocean of tears, I remember the days I was in the desert of love, I wonder, you killed the child you raised.
Left, the feeling of not being right. To be so misplaced, that you live as a reflection to others. You hold your values like your pencil, with the wrong hand.    Imagine you are a rare species of chameleon
The words I say aren't of a victim, They're words that need to be shared. The tears I shed aren't of fear, They're tears that wisdom made clear. Make no mistake my intention are true,
No, you will never know how many tears can fill this hole between you and me.   I can stack them into rain and they would still burn as a July heatwave of the land we come from.  
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