Take this Left

Left, the feeling of not being right.

To be so misplaced, that you live as a reflection to others.

You hold your values like your pencil,

with the wrong hand. 


Imagine you are a rare species of chameleon

that can’t quite master blending into the Arctic.


To be so far removed that you discover you are no longer considered a planet.

To be too small to be identified as an equal to those around you. 


Left, something my ex did. 

Not hearing my cries and pleas to be built up, when they bulldozed my life

and were rude enough to leave the mess.


Imagine you are a china shop with a bull in you.

The walls for course, all painted red. 


There is an uncomfortable force raging inside your chest, 

Bucking, Kicking, your ribs like overpriced platters. 

The sound of shattering too hard to listen to, 

though we can’t look away from the eyes that sent it there.

They are runined and will cost:

two goats, a pack of smokes, both arms, a first born, and first month’s rent.

I couldn’t pass the credit check. 


Left, to leave or leave something behind.


Imagine you forgot your keys and sobriety in an alleyway,

only because you don’t have your ID.


Here, no one knows who you are.

You are just drinking in this world as a reflection,

infront of a bouncer on a Friday night.

Too lit to remember you didn’t pick up your wallet or dignity 

from the keybowl at home. 


Still, you made time to drink shooters in a Lyft.

Later realizing you wasted money on shooters and a Lyft,

He denied your entry so you walked inebriated and pissed off.

You didn’t pick up your wallet or dignity 

from the keybowl at home. 

Intothe alleyway you once lost your keys and sobriety in an alleyway.

You cannot ‘splain to a siren and the flashing of red and blue.

That is when you leaved your car keees and soobriety N a AllEyWaay.

You hid in dumpster...

An ossifer finds you and says to his partner,

“Take this Left.”


You reply,

 “No, the other left.”



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