'toxic relationships’

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All I was looking forward to, you; War made you different, Now the war is between us two. What is going to happen to our children? Crying myself to sleep has become the new norm.
A person’s honest hue only appear on the most dire situations, such genuine pigment are the brightest in tribulations. In such a trial, their tone will either compliment or contrast with you
Cover my eyes so I may see no Evil,Cover my eyes so I may not see you.But your Love keeps me tied to you like some unwanted tether,A Golden Lasso of something I no longer wish to have.
My father’s hands were calloused And rough, worn down from years of labor. Those hands – the tough hands I brushed As a child – they were an immigrant’s honor. They fought for us, always, when my mother
A slight pinch   She gaspes   Her virginity gone   He lays her down   Coming in to her from behind  
dear megan,   if i wanted to write you a letter to finally say everything i wanted to say if i ever saw you again   i guess  
Dear P,
A mother's milky skin never keeps you awake for long My mother is cold, so I am always satisfied by a goosebumps embrace, a quiet good night My mother has tightly curled hair, it smells like apricots and long nights
A hand is apowerful toolby humansused to createor destroy.   He used it tocomfort andplease, toshow me thatthe world wasn'tso scary.  
Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I sat with you when you got angry. Because I loved you, and maybe I do, I held your hand and told you to take deep breaths. Because I loved you, and maybe I do,
A pinwheel. A simple toy, Requires strength to keep spinning.   Let’s be a pinwheel. Let’s continue to move along. Let’s go through it.   Come, forget about our past.
Despite the eloquence ofMy words;My actionsShowcase merciless intent My actionsSeem to display meAs selfishAs ifI don’t love you BUT YOU ARE WRONG
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