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I'm not going to write about you anymore I can't they're all sick of you and it's all my fault when I talk about you I want to scream that they're not listening they don't pay attention anymore
What I don't understand is you, why you are who you are why I was chosen in the first place. I can't figure out why you smile or laugh or why it brightens my day. I can't be upset with you
Sitting can do no justice to your beautiful voice (even though it is not really so) I think people skew things to how they want to hear them so when we talk I love the exchange of words to each other
Glance up meet your eyes a sea of blue I wish to dive into   Open your mouth speaking to me your voice is a song I wish to hear   Your laugh- not graceful
the sarcasm in your blood cuts cold through my heart so screw you   the look in your eyes slices my intentions in half so screw you   your constant questions for me
Here we are, you and I you think our time means nothing but I know how much it really is the laughs we share are priceless and there's no more musical sound in the world than your voice when happy
I wish you took his hand in yours and I hope you guide him to your shining light he is not saved and he needs to be because he is too important to lose
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