'2017' 'love' 'relationships' 'becauseiloveyou'

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Okay, When? Relationships are a give and take You took so much from me and gave me just as much. Well, maybe a little less. You couldn't give me all of you. You never gave all of you to anyone.
All you know is red. The red that spills from your nose and enters your mouth, reminding you what death tastes like. The red that you dream of as it chokes you, spitting at you that you are worthless.
there comes a point when she'll wake up with red, puffy eyes instead of her smile crinkling them as she reads good morning. they won't look at you the same way-- the butterflies in your stomach 
Because I love you, I will continue to let you hit me The bruises will only show a little, dont worry Because I love you, I will listen to your every command My phone and passwords are now yours to reprimand. 
Everyday I strive to please you Because for some silly reason I hope you'll take me back I wish that when you get close And open your mouth to speak to me That you'll embrace me instead
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