'Abuse' 'toxic relationships’ ‘helthy relationships’ ‘love’

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My past was not painful enough To label traumatic: Stuffed with chastise,
That happiness your face gives me Makes me feel whole But it does not mean we must deatach from the world The happiness your hands give me I could not ask for more
Because I love you, give me your passwords Because I love you, leave your friends Because I love you, I will be your first Because I love you, do not look at any boy Because I love you, do not play volleyball
I am sorry, it is time for me to depart I have seen the person that you really are Yet, he wishes for me to stay Pulling the same trick just so I stick around for another day
Because I love you, I hold your hand. Because I love you, I laugh with you. Because I love you, I smile through the pain. Because I love you, I ignore your flaws. Because I love you, I hide the bruises.
When I first met you, He had broken my body into fragments. Scattered my soul to the wind. And killed me inside with every cold caules word
Society today has taught all our girls that bruises are pretty and go well with curls.   That broken teeth and fractured bones are a sexy woman’s way to bring a man home.  
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