Frankenstein's Monster

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I'm terrified of horror movies. I hate the zombies, vampires, and werewolves. But what scares me more than the supernatural, are human beings.  Because there is no possibility that they are not real.
When you look into my eyes, You see a thing that you despise, A terrible, ugly deviation of man But really, is that what I truly am? A fearsome being for all to hate And fear.  Is that my fate?
Frankenstein. A cold hearted killer, a raging fiend Cloudy eyes that mirror his soul; Murky reflections of the demon inside People reject the hideous creation Forever cursed by his creator's selfish ways
I am Frankenstein’s monster— a tired traveler yearning to break free from this cage, this lonely overpopulated world. Here, I stand in a crowded grocery store listening to people yell and
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