'human trafficking'

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The Gods still live They can be seen everyday If one knows where to look   Artemis is standing in the crowd of feminists Wearing a pink-knit hat Calling for equality  
Plenty to Survive   There was a happy little bird named Blueheart Whose dream was to fly high to the sky Her wings were weaker than other birds’
Oh little bird How I long to set you free From the imprisonment seize  Let you spread your wings  Go beyond the mountains and trees To hear you sing, once you leave   Oh little bird
When people hear about my past They either think two things Some look at me as a prostitute But, that's not what really happenend I was forced to do things I didn't want to do
America, the beautiful. You have burned your amber waves, Belonging to young girls who were told they would never be beautiful. You have locked them up in caves.
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