'lgbt' 'self worth' 'accepting' 'beauty' 'bullying' 'lgbt pride'

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He shivers in the warm summer light arms wrapped round rocking body legs crossed against hard red brick pavement   black padded hoodie cowls
I can hear the debate whispered on the ears of classmates.   I'm sick of being a conversation topic. Like I have to wear a sign around my throat that reads caution.
It started with a confession “I love you” But what about- “I love you”
Dear Mom,
Perhaps you are reading this and my eyes are still closed. Perhaps you will reach for my hand and it won't be warm anymore. Do not mourn for me, do not cry.
i hurt you because your smile reaches your eyes, i hate you because your forgiveiness is too giving, i berate you because you can be yourself, i put you down because i love you,
At the age of thirteen, I heard the word slut for the first time. I didn't know what it meant. So I asked my mom. She ws appalled when the short word tumbled from my innocent lips.
Why? Why did they have to die Why did this have to happen Why would you hurt innocent people What was flowing through your mind Why? Why couldn't you just let it be
Love is Love.   I have pride in who I am, For who I am is who I want to be. You see it as a sin, But I’ll make you see.  
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