Silenced Minds

It started with a confession

“I love you”

But what about-

“I love you”

As far as he was concerned, it started with a kiss

Lust or “love” clouted our minds inciting forgetfulness  

A door slightly cracked open, waiting for an invasion of privacy

I took it as an invitation, he sat back shocked


It started with a clichè

He being a football player, You being captain of the squad

I sat in the bleachers, slightly optimistic but prepared for failure

I didn't have a chance

It started with an infidelity

He cheated for the ten millionth time, I comforted you in the stall

You reapplied your makeup and left

I was surprised you knew my name when I next saw you

It started with a crush

I made you blush, you called me beautiful

He called me a dyke and took you away

I cried all the way home

It started with truancy

“Come with me, we need a day off”

But what about-

“Hey, this stays between me and you”

It started with a movie

You moved your hand on my thigh, I pretended not to notice

“I'm going to break up with him”

I smiled due to the small victory. I knew you wouldn't but, you thought about it


It started with anger

“You dumb dyke bitch”

You jumped to throw on clothes, but I wasn't ashamed

He was livid

It started with a wind up

He slugged you in the face, and you screamed

I was frozen

Did that really just happen?

It started with a shove

It was me this time, but you were already too far away

He pushed you closer to the staircase

A slide across carpet and there you went

It started with a bounce

Your head, then your body

I screamed, he ran out the house

There was so much blood

It started with a call

You were taken, I quickly followed

He couldn't be found

It wasn't looking to good for you


It started with a knock

He was trapped… you were trapped

We all were

Irrational thoughts invaded his mind and he took the pistol off the wall


It started with life being pumped into you

You weren't awake, I was lost

We were both alive

He was shot dead

It started with a confession

“I love you too”

It was finally time to wake up

And we started over with a kiss



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