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As I sat there, watching the slapping, rolling, pounding of the waves, and the ocean stretching upon the shore I began to wonder what would happen if I'd done something a little differently,
Dear Old Self,    How are you?  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I would be lying if I said I missed you.  If I can recall, it took a while to erase away the bad memories of you, and now you want back in? 
It’s flowering today on the breeze pale purple with a delicate scent; Silk petals that bruise like my skin-   The beauty of the mist is fragile,
Did she hide because she was scared? What was she scared of? Did she even know? Was she jealous? Of what? What do I have that she doesn’t?
Dear those to whom it may concern,   Thank you for all the times you stood across from me trading not hollow words, but hopes and fears and worries. Thank you for looking at me not like a flat, illusory spectacle,
Careful, don't stare.   It isn't you in there. Don't look at the fatal imperfections, they aren't really there either.   It's an illusion, its not made to show you the truth.  
I am thankful for you You had helped me with more happiness You helped us move a better home though it is a struggle, I love it You helped me go to my favorite place on Earth, the rollercoasters were amazing
Water doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not I find peace in that, in the certainty that I am not in control
Based on the Original Story of "The Little Mermaid" My voice won’t speak the words. I can't say these five words. “I recused you that day” No sound comes out.   Each day I try to speak.
What have I done wrong, Yet what have I done right? I feel so unwanted, But I know You hold me tight. My life is changing quickly, But it feels like I'm on pause. Problems are arising;
My grandmother made her home here early, Before the borders were walled, Before Laredo was a proper baario In the heat, she cared for seven children.   My grandmother felt prejudice quickly,
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