A Reflective Moment

Careful, don't stare.


It isn't you in there.

Don't look at the fatal imperfections,

they aren't really there either.


It's an illusion, its not made

to show you the truth.


Only an image,

of which we admire,

but at the same time- we hate.


I can't show you who you are,

That is up to yourself.


But when you look into a mirror,

I won't be there if you cry for help.


It's only your mind playing games,

you have to realize this one day.


It's always going to change,

yet I guess in some ways, stay the same.


Be afraid of the mirror.

The mirror heightens your scars.


It may be an illusion,

but illusions can only go so far

to hide who you really are.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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