America the Great Scholarship Slam

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United States The only place I have ever lived Since birth.   United States It has its ways Of being the best
Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes Or don’t shoot at all It’d be no surprise   You see, to shoot you have to be brave And that’s hard to be when your T.V. hero’s already made  
We pride ourselves on being safe but the only ones who can comfortably walk down the street are the ones crumbling the roads beneath the rest of us money being the only way of communication
America is individual./ America is proud./ America the great,/ With its president is loud./  We couldn’t stand for socialism,/ We couldn’t stand for lies,/ We accepted fascist rhetoric,/ And some would call it our demise./  To push the world away,
six feet under damn what a bummer all because of their skin what was the color?   black in america, is this even a surprise 
America The beautiful, Broken promise. Inscribed forever on A plaque more cracked Than the Bell:
From gentle hills to savanna-like plains, From carved out crevasses to extending mountain ranges, From ageless forest to expanding ocean blues,
America, land of the free. America, home of the brave. America, home of the immigrant.   Change is seen as scary, terrifying,
“America, America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood” From the mouths of babes these words are uttered But how can they possibly be true?
I once felt ashamed to be who I am, because I thought being different was not normal.
Today in America, the beautiful They report body counts like weather reports,
No need for a drug, No need for a pill, All of America just needs to chill.   We riot and clash, Creating backlash. We just keep fighting,
poems for cash? poems to bash? land of the debt students who fret learn they say till one day you'll have sway teacher teacher land of the debt cheeks always wet
I have a weapon of mass destruction A weapon that has many left shaken down to the last hair on their body I am the danger and I am the fear to those who are fearing, I oughta feel cocky  
Oh, say can you see,In the dimming blue light,What used to be hailed,As freedom's great ringing? Our sons and our daughters,Have put up a fight,To gain back what we've lost,This country is bleeding. But hope is still there,It gleams in the air,Let
1776 - A date to remember,Joyous crowds and songs sounded,Like no other,With the last glowing ember,From a fire that will never be smothered. 
As I walk down these striped roads, I can see and hear so much. I've been down them so many times that I've memorized where the cracks and divides are. Tires screeching,  Weeds growing, 
An unsettling unrest in a country known for peace.  Manslaughter but not if the cop was confronting someone of color. 
An old tune, long forgotten  Deep with metaphors of home Buried in a humble longing With history to uphold Do we ever find home? Oh, the farther we roam, Does true home yet escape us?
Rising and falling History on repeat  Bombs and endless wars We all must always compete Fighting to the death Living to the brink Fathers holding guns Mothers burying sons
In the last light of dusk A bright flame sprouts From the center of the flag That represents a united country   Old glory now represents a dying idea The one of unity
I'm one hundred percent sure all odds are agaisnt me It's represented by what I find when I walk down the street  Poor families of 17, making 20k a year hardly enough money to eat They say we have a chance in this country
Red, white, blue-the country in which I exist Never questioned or realizing that something is amiss.. Born to a culture that screams being patriotic since before I was a kid. Red
How can we say we live in the land of the free while the homes of the brave are being taken away            How can we ignore the illness and poverty suffered so immensely
In these Disunited States We're always concerned with such petty things as Left or right Black or white This or that
You would think with our smartphones self-driving cars million dollar condos “We’ve done it, gentleman. We have reached the peak of our existence.” Meanwhile in America, children are dying
Freedom ringing through the hills.  Safety and security is the feeling that we share.  Waving to my father as he leaves to protect us.  Though all of our hardships, the flag proudly waves. 
I am going to be blunt Police are murdering black kids Poor considered less than the 5% Politicians are lying President won't say a word about black boys dying They passing anti-gay laws
In my neighborhood the pit pat pit of tiny dog feet echo Loud into the   Silence
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