Annual Emerging Poets Slam 2016

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Ensnared by her velvety smile, I fall prey to her swathed wile.  Her fair skin beckons me forward, The roseate words have me cornered. Lush and lavish, her hair flutters about,
The day we met There was no sweat I didn’t fret There was no threat Still and yet Something can begin The tables did spin Maybe a sin Lost a grin For I think I
You walk into that new shop on the corner. You've never seen it before. It's inviting store windows and beautiful exterior pull you inside. What are they selling? words. 
Control, No control You used to control me Now you control me no more.  Leader,
You avoid food all day long… Maybe just one slice of pizza. As you chew, the calories accumulate at the bottom of your throat. You’re in public...but it can’t wait.
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