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Infinity.Past, present, future combined.The combination of space and time.Every moment shall live forever.The string between life and death will never be severed.
Father God, Mother Earth, Working hard, but what’s it worth? We each other both in flesh and in spirit, We ignore the Mother’s crys, can you hear it? Our trees are burning into ash,
This is a response to the prompt 'write a poem revolving around a terrifying creature': Run. While you can. Don't try and be a 'man'. Man or not it will kill you. No matter what you do.
My Converse. Black faded into grey. Splattered with pink, brown, and white. Throw them away? One day I may. But they are not just shoes to me. They took me to new hieghts. With them I walked miles.
Please note: This was written in a comedic manner as a reply to the prompt 'describe aliens attacking the Earth'. If the aliens were hostile:
I was enduring, unmoving, and steadfastI was with you until the moment that was your lastThrough anger I was the one who absorbed your shoutsI listened to every muttered word of malice you let out
Rising high aboveShedding all that ties me downFinally complete
The sun bursting through Dense clouds of despair and doom, Is this turn of time. The work completed, The pat-on-back I needed. Freedom without crime.
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