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Bells.Ring deafeningly.With means of girls and boys.Underneath the original singing.Like bells we were once new and brass.Then reality kicks you in the ass.The metal rusts as you walk from class to class.Subtly the tone turning into sass.As bells
  I'm gay, I'm straight, I love, I hate, I appreciate I disrespect.  I'm smart, I'm dumb. I feel  but I'm numb, I fight but I fear. I seek, I hide I run but I stay in place. I won, I lost, I gave it my all. I gave nothing. 
As a kid the sun never sets As a kid the memories never end The hardest part of the day Is deciding what game to play As you get older  Our choices get bolder A sign on the house
Kids go to school all they wanna do is look cool they don't care about the grades they just want everyone to know their first name they go to school   tell kids to be like me or you just lame
After dusk,  The birds will tweet, The frogs will leap,  The foxes will sleep.  The day is already complete.   The children will cry,  For they are not get ready to go home, 
Halfway Outta High School Frozen in time, lost in a drift Preserved by strong resolve alone As the wind blows you fail to shift Instead of paper, you're a stone   I lack this constant qaulity 
I don’t know when I lost you.. It was way before the rape.. Way before the abuse.. Don’t think I had you to begin with.. I used to think I was watching you fade away..
The system never understood us,  They called us gang bangers, hoodlums & more.  I never gang banged,  I never even stole but to them I was just that.  We were always more than what you seen on the surface 
Dear 2/24/2012,
I wrote this poem to explain how I think the tale of Hansel and Gretel should have ended.   The Grimm Brothers and their fairytales
An antique frame with nothing inside Four cornered and bland hanging for the freedom of emptiness A bare-built shell challenging the curiosity of wholeness.   Imagine all the scraps
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