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Do you know what it’s likeTo have a friend, a sibling, a lover Look you in the eye, and beg of you: “Don’t miss me too much.”“Keep the pictures of us close.”“Wouldn’t the world be better without me in it?”
She walked in scared to say a word. In fear, her voice might go unheard. Quiet, shy, serene young teen. Okay with going unseen.  Her past has a hold on her.  Not planning to let go of her.
Dear Nick, This is my letter to you to say that is time for me to move on. I will not mope any longer It has been hard, not seeing you in government its painful not having you there to make fun of my laugh
It just sucks to know that in one flicker of a moment your life could get better or worse. Normally, that thought would be so comforting and it would give you Faith, but in the circumstances of a pessimist, it's so God damn terrifying.
Please do not wait, Waiting will not help, Do not wait, for the damage is dealt, If you wait, you’ll wait past this date.
She is happy She was happy She is smiling She used to smile She is laughing She is crying She is cutting paper
This girl I knew once, She said it started with a close friend someone she thought she could trust.   She was young and naïve so young, everything had become black and dark
This girl I knew once, She said it started with a close friend someone she thought she could trust.   She was young and naïve so young, everything had become black and dark
Anxiety  So much anxiety my mind is so tied UP my wings cannot fly UP feeling stuck  Do I need help help? Do I need Love?  
Dear Mom,   Most the time dad was not home So you were the one who raised me I almost put you through so much pain I could never tell you to your face
 Cast off my depression remains Like dew drops from a rainy day No more wounds open wide Unable to recognize another cry A birth of new thoughts in mind Like a species of only one kind
Pain lingering through my heart, Consistently anchoring my feet to the dark,  A vital resurection after this depression,  Please listen to this life lesson,   
I was taken aback By your sudden words Your pause As I watched the emotions Fall into form onto your face I knew it was true I looked to comfort you As the tears fell
In the dead of night, How comforting to feel a warm heat Dripping down my icy skin. I wonder why, As dark red runs in rivulets Down my arms and wrists, This is the moment I feel most alive.
1...2...3..4… I count the amount of letters on the posters in the room. 15...16...17… the amount of tiles on the ceiling. 80…81….82… the number of bricks on the wall. I count. I count as the eyes burn into me.
Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early darkness, surrounding me in this prison, killing me, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming is our incredibly racist past,
I. a map blooms above our heads with ships ablaze and compass wide uncharted land still beckoning  killer whales dive under tide  
With my final breath, I welcome in death.
I should have started writing this poem years ago When I witnessed the jars and jabs firsthand That stems from a spirit that’s traveled a harsh and brutal land Conflict when two forces meet each other there arises a
 They come so often It is not a surprise anymore For these visitors are Now residents In my eyes I barely notice them
The mind of a teenager GET OUT!!! Is all her mind screams Get away from it all, the lies, pain,sadness,depression,
My closet is a tree curling into a question mark around me. My closet is a safe haven for the truth on my breath,the words still lingering on my tongue in a tirade of fears undone.
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