fight against rape culture

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“You inspire me”, the words left my lips as I stared at my aunt in awe standing up against the hate she saw. Her passion was raw.   She raised me, instilled in me,
Rumors passed around school with everyone knowing about her But no one can help her, they don't understand The girl is nervous from all the eyes on her, the long gazes and quickly averted eyes
A sleeping beauty, resting oh so peacefully, rosy red lips, long lash tips, a darling doll, out like a light, with this in her drink, there will be no fight. After the fact,
When I was 5, I stood with my hand on my heart and recited words I didn’t understand-the pledge of allegiance-to a country that threatened to deport my best friend and their family.
flowers don't grow among thistles the ones that do don't survive they're choked out by a tale of mice and men   flowers don't grow among thorns they grow with them and become them
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