water pollution

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Maybe if we cared more Maybe if we could make this less of a chore Maybe we could change it to how it was before Maybe it’s easier for us to ignore
Podeidon, king of the sea. Realm of fish, crustacions, and cephalopods, but humans? Nah, not for thee. I offer you lots of fish. But, I have one simple wish. Stop dumping your toxic waste.
  As you sit there with the company of one The creature of the Hudson River is waiting for you The sky is clear, the clouds confess they are gone
There is an abnormal businessman Who is a corporate partisan. He taints all oceans with oil, Which contaminates the soil. Afterwards, he is a garbageman.
Tell me,  What do you see as the end of the world? Will we cook ourselves in the toxins we've unleashed into the air? Will we poison our food and water with fuel spills? Will we kill ourselves in war?
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