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As a young black boy on the streets of the CapitalI strive for a good living through the path of moralityBut I was lost within my act of InnocenceAnd Trouble found me.Led me through Crusty Tunnels and Medieval DungeonsShowed me the Gory Light thro
Wolves howl on this silent night. Singing out anguish to the moon. Letting their fear and anger be known. Raising their voices, letting their pain be known.
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
The Wolf Pass by AM King In spring’s horse ride through the mountainous pass, Early morning’s dusted  with snow that fell. The horses uneasy, picked up a smell, Became more unsettled in the crevasse.  
She moves so swiftly her paws kissing the ground. Her eyes switching left and right trying to find prey. She is pure white, fur thick and glossy nose as black as coal and her eyes gleaming crystal blue.
My mother gave me a basket of food, a map And the warning, “Remember your place in the food chain.”   I nodded and left, hood overhead
Elisi Said {Elisi- Cherokee for “grandmother”} Because I love him, I’d have let him slay the wolf… But I could have just as easily done it myself. Because I love him, I waited for him in a tower,
I was given to her on her thirteenth birthday A bright red hood to symbolize her first red moon   Given to a girl who's grandmother loved her dearly
she still wears red.   it is no longer the color of her innocence,  the rosewine cloak of her youth, but she still wears red.   red is lipstick the color of blood, is painted fingernails,
-Part One- The Fright   Tonight I am a wolf Howling at the moon   With any light souce availiable  In this enclosed sepulcher In which I could veil myself.  
I Watched the moon around the house Yet I knew its eyes couldn't scrutinize so Why Watch?   I watched the sun around the room glide freely as the clouds that surfaced Before my face
here i am. here i'll be  when all around  is shadows. not peace welcome to my world  of sharp claws and teeth don't say that your bored  you'll just make me angry. so i warn you now.. 
Look into the moonlight, Tell me what you see.   I see a great tall Whispering pine, Silvered  By the moon.   I see the vast wide Expanse of sky, Devoid of light
Eyes that look fake, glow With a warm ,dark coat, they roam Wolves have homes in snow.
I think there are people who are normal people, those who go to work, go to school, and go about their day like a normal person. Then there are those who are wolves in sheep's clothing.
Fierce they seem towards each otherThey are the most loyal of animals Always together like a familyNever traveling alone They depend on each other for survival
we plan for futures that aren’t even guaranteed. each day, looking forward to what the sunset will look like,
Wolves ahowl in day's twilight, Bats afluttr in moonlight But one soul runs, aware his fate, Fearing the manner of death he has claimed.   Rooks pierce the sky with cries,
The wind is sighing through my fur. Leaves stir under my paws as I test the       Ground for footing. Prey is stirring as we sit silently waiting. A howl is heard ringing through the forest.
Oh lord, look at the moon
Wolves would've done a cleaner job of tearing you apart,  they would have left your bare bones,  so I could identify you in the afterlife, but the demons have wrought havoc on you,  My Love, 
Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,   About a lone wolf, Whose power and grace fell, As the heavens would cry, Shunned because she didn’t fit in, Didn’t agree with the status quo,
soft and furry try not to scurry sizing up a lion we are not buying no need to freak the point is bleak we live among you its true the name you gave us
Say it isn't so Vagabond Your heart is never there You wander endlessly without a care
And so my lifeblood falls drip drip, drip, drip. drip drip, drip, drip.  
Thoughts Within my head They Battle Attack Go for the throat What’s that you say? I question whether there will be a day A day where it all will pay Where all my skill and all my pain
you took an eraser to my heart and now all that's left are the words you painted with every sweet sentence. 
Glistening hair as silver as the bright lit moon One's time to learn this way of life is never too soon
My spirit runs free The wolves I join hunting We unite as one
Far in the distance, a traveling sound A cry from afar, they strike a tune I join in the howling at high moon For I cannot join their hunting ground
The night is full of bright stars. Moon as white as the fang of a predator. Who howls the call to all of his subjects? All arrive in colors of black and gray. All ready for the long journey of untold perils.
Glazed over eyes, and heavy footsteps Constant body shakes, nights with no rest. Eternal hunting, hungry never satisfied A morbid curse, a chilling cry.
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