social norms

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  I stand in front of the ivory-rimmed mirror Wrapped in a towel, water dripping from my hair I drop the towel and look at my skinny self Not enough – Not clear enough skin, not bright enough eyes
Happy Father’s Day to a father Who was absent when I craved for him Back then in my days This relation was rather growling and grim
Broad stripes and bright stars A country, supposedly ours, America   Told to be different but never taught how Told you only live once but to study now Told there are social norms that I cannot disavow
Porcelain Doll hidden between thorny leaves and puppet string on forgotten dusty shelf coerced beneath the Looking Glass Self –   A torrent comprised of inveigle words - acceptance.
Like a shadow in the sun,  I followed. I conformed to what others told me I should be. Following the social norm, I was content with fitting in. I could be easily swayed one way or the other;
I've been single for my entire lifeAt least as far as being official goesI've always been told I'll need a wifeOr a husband. But that, they didn't know-But why are we fed that this is required?
I'm in heels and a dress I rather be in sweats Reading a book on the train or drinking a milkshake yeah... make that a large ass milkshake chocolate with whipped creme and extra fucking cherries
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