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I just need a knife to cut fruits and to survive.  Simple as it can be. 
Two men, one island. A single fruit on the trees. Friends until the end.
If an island ever daredTo be stranded with meI'd take my laptopAnd a coffee shopWith the wi-fi free  
i nestle my toes beneath a quilt of powdered rock and i am remembering; feel a cool breeze rustle the hairs on my burnt neck, remembering;
To create something from nothing, Is a skill that I hold, A master chef I will be, Or so I am told, If I were to be left with nothing, I would not want to forget, My extreme love for cooking,
To what do we owe The pleasure that surrounds us Every second of our lives Something we would not give a second thought Imagination Without it We would have nothing I would have nothing
What I need to suceed on an island, Is my dearest mother. Mother make me food please. Mother make my bed please. Mother help me find a job please. I know you aren't my maid, mommy dearest.
Slight ting from crisping golden beams, The mellow sway of palms rustles There leaves chirping Intrinsic in the forgotten hustle The sounds left beyond the tides.   The oscillating sound
I've thought about this question plenty, too plenty to recountI could shame the number of ripples in the water surrounding theisland in which im stranded, with how many times I've rejected You.
I can guarantee that when you see me I will be  overthinking   It's a bit of a curse the outcome can hurt but I'd be lying to say it didn't have its perks  
The Waves broke  The winds croak  The sky scary blue The sand so new The plane crashed  Im the only one left No life in sight  Not ready to fight  Blood dripping from my head 
I am stranded. On a desert. I will bring one thing. I will bring my husband. My husband brings me happiness. My husband brings one more brain. My husband brings two more hands.
Stranded on a deserted island. How Drawl. Oh how I would long for a companion. Under a palm tree with a lover is all I would need. Life without someone to share it with would be pointless.
It is weird that I am here.  Trapped.  On a beautiful island I cannot call my home.  I have no cell phone, no coffee, no friends of my own.  Deserted, I feel..alone.  
All I need is the motivation, the motivation to get up in the morning, the motivation to keep getting up in the morning, the motivation to get up every morning. The motivation to make it
I lay happily In my new reality I need sanity    
If I became stranded on a deserted island there's one thing I'd surely need, that is the peace of mind that comes  from being alone and at ease. To be ok with lonliness not needing company,
My world spins for you Your love I can't comprehend I won't challenge it   It's not that easy To find devotion like this But yet here you are   All the work you do
The sun beamed down on her. The warmth calmed her. She hadn't felt this good in years it seemed.         She felt fine,                But Lord knows she isn't.
I don’t really get quiet moments. Between noisy conversations in overcrowded hallways And my own intrusive thoughts, Silence has ceased to exist in my life. Even while I’m stuck on this god-forsaken island
Me me myself  me myself and... me myself and {i} I am me only me alone   You ask what I would need if I were hypothetically alone, I can only take one thing
Alone, with blue, and sand, and me  I sit beneath a queenly tree  Her arms stretched out to greet the sun While shielding me, the crispy one    Meant for the tropics, my miracle tree 
Stuck on an isle, my Love and I.  Who else to dwell with under the sky? Though oceans rage and sunbeams wave, No tempest could swallow the love that we've saved.  Deserted, stranded, and lost at sea,
With the darkness around me I am lost. I am no longer near my home. I hear the waves crashing against the shore just like the waves of my anxiety smothering any light left inside me. I fell so contained by this darkness.
All I need is Sydney There is rhyme and reason why  Stranded on an island without her I may die she keeps me sane and stable;  She is my best friend can't you tell 
I can not live without it, without it I would die. I can not live without it, i can not even try. I can not live without it, its most important to me. I can not live without it, I bet you would agree.
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