alcohol drinking drugs

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Red brown cheeks and big smile  a complexion that beamed love  you were a hero my hero  a mother and a friend  For years you had us all on your back As time flew by there was a change 
Once everyone starts leaving I'm already hunched over the toilet vomiting and dry-heaving I'll call him to come back once his wife goes to sleep I know that he's never someone I can keep
Among my friends laughing and having a good time. Neon sign lights reflected on my skin. You don't realize you are alone in the middle of a crowd. You don't realize you are alone
come to my lair, my store in exchange for your savings i can satisfy cravings. if i stop to consider your health and your wealth, a bitter transaction ensues. you look for'd to your high
You show up Blowing smoke rings And making light in the dark Like my all-knowing caterpillar, Full                                                                  Of intelligent euphemisms Cleverly
I entered college with dreams of opening my own gym Dreams of making others healthy Dreams of creating athletes Dreams of changing lives for the better   Then I stumbled upon a video
The winter is cold, as am I My heart is frozen and I want to die Thoughts racing, my options clear Learn sobriety or waste another year I miss the highs of my mind, and my H lows
Woke up this morning sweating Laying in a wet spot The heat must be on high Cause this house is freakin hot   I look out the window The sky is dark and grey I drank a lot last night
“I fought in Vietnam. Watched my men lay down their guns.   Watched the life of my old buddy, Red, drain from his eyes. I heard the cries of a widowed wife,  as I told her, her husband died.  
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