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I’m praying hard for better daysI promise I’m going to hold onSo many of my brothers dead and goneFlying high with the man in the sky Looking downWaiting for something to be done
I once was told I was never to succeed, Because of my skin color and the way that I breathe. Although I am not privileged, Nor do I have eyes deep as ocean blues, I am human and I refuse to lose.
The girl looked up from the magazine and gazed at her own reflection.   Her skin, Bronze, Warm, Earthy, addicted to the kisses of the golden umber sun.   A St. Tropez spray tan,
Dear little black girl, wipe your tears Don't let this corrupt world see your  fears.  Show them your pretty white smile  Show them you're important and not just another child. 
I am Melanin   Got melanin? I do, and why is that such a bad thing? My hair is kinky; my nose is big. I no longer wish to wear extensions,
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