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The sinews of my soul have been messily dissected By the unsteady, wavering hand of depression Each tender nerve frays as it’s carelessly bisected
White pillows, beeping, a rush of fluids in my arm.  Oblivion. It is the dawning of a new year, but I am stranded In this room, awaiting the sentence, the doom, the judgment.   They put me down and replaced me.
Church is quiet today People swaying with their hands in the air Hymns and clapping are the usual way To show how you love his name Everyone here is moved by the spirit
Hard as steel, A vicious love caress my ears, A sound like a roaring dragon on mountain high, Split the sky, And if it were to be taken away, With sword and spear I would ride,
Connect the r
I surround myself with things i love Metal is one of them Metal is my life I see metal, eat metal, Speak metal, Lift metal, Hear metal, Bend metal, Beat metal, Form metal,
Do you hate the way     that our magnetized timesturn us all to metal shavings--     push and pull--charged eachday to fill up negative spacewith negative attraction?Were you repulsed when polarities
Maybe I'm misunder
cling for dear life so you feel comfortable smile with desire steal with entice snake movement beg for invite  and disease you hide up your sleave with open door policy
The sliver of your soul That I knew so wholly Was forged below, But ever so softly. And fairly maid, I cannot help but steal your love, Or for your life, 
Above the village flew the colors on the flag - yellow, red, and black - and he wore them proudly here. The young, bright face of Uganda, with family to forever defend, but with the curiosity of any other boy
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