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Didn't start out this way, There was love, Laughter, happiness, Many crazy days.   Hedge jumping, apple scrumping, Door knocking, Brooking jumping, Hatton visiting, Kiss chasing.  
Life is a game and not the fun kind There's no reset button and no extra life. Why is it someone can be here one minute then gone the next day? Because life is a bit hard you say?
You say I shouldn’t be afraid of Men; Because when my first boyfriend raped me, He obviously didn't mean it.
I remember those things so well In my mind forever Reliving it is complete hell Forgetting would be better
Ask me anything Don't hold back If you care, If you want to know, You'll ask So ask me anything I won't hold back
Ears ringing. Blood pumping.  Gun jumping. Receiver greasy.  
  I wake up every day and take a nice long stretch Noticing my room is a mess My energy cannot be spent on the trivial Instead it is spent on the vital: Getting up, sitting down, eating, breathing,
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