Distracted Driving

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I'm riding in front of you. Hopefully you can SEE me. In my rearview I see you holding your phone in front of your face.
If you do a ton thunder will break out Under your wheels, squeal Baby squeal, I step on you, I brake Watch the smithereens Spread diamond dust time-lapsed.
Is it worth it? To not be fully awake.
Five feet from the stop sign, scraped and shivering From the streaks of air that buffeted All the world but you.   You squatted on that plastic stool.
Ever sense that day, all anyone can say is "How are you doing?" I respond with the simple and basic answer I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine, Thanks These two words are the thin veil that protects me from them...
You left your house a quarter to eight.  You rush out the door because you'll be late.  You pull out the driveway. It isn't straight Because you're checking your Twitter. This'll be great.  
Driving Safely, I add. Life is so dangerous. Safety is your priority. Drive, mate!
I won't reply to your text I won't respond to your Snap I can't hear your Facebook message I am not going to Like your Instagram post I won't retweet your tweet When I'm driving Because I love you.
Start the car. You're running late to work. Driving 5 miles over the speed limit can't hurt, right? Speed. You said 10 miles over was okay, remember?
You’re driving. You’re flying by in two tons of aluminum and plastic, or maybe in one of those classic cars made of steel.
What is our worth? Are we only valuable at birth? We are all given the right to live, So why tell death we will soon arrive?   As we go place to place, Always give one a strong embrace.
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