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You were a library book with the pages glued shut Sixteen years of abandoned backstory. With what pivots and plot twists do to anti-climax. You were a language I’d forgotten A play without the final act
they say she stayed in her tower for those cold years out of obedience adherence and requirement but perhaps it was fear the small window a reminder of a small role
Ever hear of the true story? Of the mermaid in the sea. This is rather gory.   A gold kingdom in the ocean. A gulible red haired princess. The tale is in motion.  
Once there was a boy named Jack, Whose family was in a state of lack, To correct their financial down, Jack was sent to town,  There he would make good of his vow, And trade riches for his family' cow,
Whether you were told I was stolen or given my story was shared.  The ending never right,  but nobody cared.  Here's what happened, so pay attention.  To this day I'm still unsure
oh, the wild winds wail the moon howls and the air stills what does a father do when his youngest asks for a flower?   the father comes across on his return trip home
Scene: 23 year old man lying in his death bed. The Grim Reaper comes to claim his soul.  ''Whoa! Whoa! It is not my time to go yet. I am still young... I did not do near as much as I have wanted.'' *Grim reaper checks his watch*
I feel like a pelican im here out on a limb, it shouldnt be like this, over and over again, fighting for your attention , im writting your name on the walls of the dark hollowed halls, i never had the courage to ask you to the masquarade ball, im
Once Upon A Time,  there was a little girl   with a soul big as the sky and a heart that echoed in the ground   when she would lay in the grass  and roll down the hill    to the laughing creek.    
With lips red as the rose So sweet and tender as the fragrance, As they gently arose A soften form of patience. A pair of rubies made in flesh Belonging to only you, The breath exhaled of air so fresh
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