Times Up (Talking with Grimm)

Scene: 23 year old man lying in his death bed. The Grim Reaper comes to claim his soul. 

''Whoa! Whoa! It is not my time to go yet. I am still young... I did not do near as much as I have wanted.''

*Grim reaper checks his watch*

''I am never late or early. I show up when I have to, and that is the bottom line.'' 

''So, this is it? Never to be married? Never to have children of my own? Damn, I had it all planned out.''

*The man starts to cry*

''I have no pity or emapthy. Hence, that's why they call me the GRIMM REAPER''

''Before you take me Grimm, may I ask you a question? 


''Did you never love? Did you ever see that girl in your life that could freeze time? A girl that could change you for the better?''

*Grimm's warped face twisted as he was deep in thought.*

''Well, there was this one time.... She was so dashing! Her eyes were the color of grass when spring bloomed. Her hair was curly as if the wind itself had hands and twisted it. Her smile was as bright as a 1000 suns. She... She was impeccable.''

''Well, what happened?''

''I am immortal and take souls as a career. Who would like to hear that on the first date? I couldn't pursue her, so I'd let her go. I saw her get married. She had children... And then when the day came I had to take her soul away. I am a being capable of love, but my hands can never touch it, thus creating destruction, pain, and death.''

''That was pretty deep, Grimm. Well, I guess in the 23 years that I did live I got to love, experience joy, fought for what was right, and I am ok with the outcome of my life. I... I am ready to go.'' 

*Grimm had this feeling in his chest that he never felt as he looked at the man dying. Sympathy.*

''Maybe I can let you go this time, but I'll be back far later in your life.'' 

''Wait! What made you change your mind? You said that you are never early or late.''

*Grimm looked at him stearnly*

''Because I want you to find the love that I'd let go. I want you to live a life without regrets. I want you to be content when I come and get you the next time.''

*The man had a second chance and was overjoyed*

''Thank you! Thank you!'', he cried. 

*Grimm left and the man heart beat again.*

Even the Reaper had a spot in his dark, voided heart to let the man have a second chance and love again.



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