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The sorrowful heart, the sadness  No peace of mind, no serenity  Tranquility got conquered  Conquered by fears and cries 
The city was filled with fog and murk All I could see was white  All I could feel was a sharp winter breeze  But my palms perspired and my fingers trembled and my heart raced And I paced
The waters of Chenab sing of peace The valley of Chitral heals my mood I live on peaks of the mighty Rakaposhi The woods of Kumrat are my friends of solitude
that soft, beautiful hair of yours through which my fingers ambled continually that shinning, glittery eyes of yours twinkling with that immense pure love
Maine tujhko choice kia life ke liye aur Tumne mera use kia time pass ke liye
The world is not a virtuous place, I have come to know Its residents did not treat me well, I couldn’t figure out why. Seven years I lived there, I didn’t have any foes,
Change causes sunken ships. See Starbucks, their cup lost sips.   An attack on America, That absent-Christmas glory; But even worse, are these fingerprints- Don’t care for such stories.  
Thee look’d out the window with nay more light. A plague; gray ash, dust, and woe filled the sky. When the smoke cleared, all was lost in the fight, And marry from thee my strength rose up high.
The world is full of diverse people, all of which have dreams while growing up and create new memories reminding them of their life in the making.  
Alisha, how are you? Did you cross under the rainbow? What the Afghan storytellers tell thier children, So they can become who they want to be.. Thought about writing a song for you,
His forearm is cooled by the sweat of his elbows. The fire is started in his hand, in a ski mask and shell toes.
You constantly reminded me to wash my
I want to live in a world without hate Everyone who is muslim is not irate If God is love then why are there religious wars? The amount of fighting since ancient time soars
I thought I saw a smile, Though I know it can’t be true Seeing you try so hard, Part of me died with you You lived for family, God, and country The Red, White, and Blue
It is fitting that my grandfather should die tonight, How convenient that this is the very moment I have nightmared about
(poems go here) I am not an emotional person. In these last few months I have started to feel things I have been unaware of my entire life. I have never felt so close to death, so far away from redemption.
Let me break into your thoughts, I’m a mindbomb, ticking time bomb. Seven years I wore the the veil shielded myself and kept pale news shunned like yesterday’s mail happier than my previous trail
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