Slam against Genocide (Pakistan)


United States
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(poems go here) I am not an emotional person.
In these last few months I have started to feel things I have been unaware of my entire life.
I have never felt so close to death, so far away from redemption.
I have never felt such guilt knawing at my interiors.
I have never felt such burdening from the screams of other innocent lives.
I have never felt pain that did not belong to me.
I have always cared about the well being of people, but I have never understood what a massacre felt like.
Here I stand, accompanied by millions, attempting to raise a voice against genocide.
Here I stand, alone, attempting to raise a voice against injustice.
Where are the activists and the good doers.
Where are the people who can help
Tired and weary, I see my land turn into a new Rwanda with stories of blood mixed with sand.
Is this what progress is?
Is this what civilization means?
I am not alone.
But I am feeling helpless.
I am not giving up.
But I am feeling lonely.
When I wake up in such deep regrets
I can hardly contain myself
It is so hard to live in such a cruel world
It is so unmanageable to live with such guilt
And if only I could change the world



this is just a test..sorry

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