imagery poem

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There was a rose that stood out from all the red ravishing ones. This one bloomed too early onto the sacred ground of Mother Nature's beautiful creation,
Dear Ani,   Ani ohev at. Hebrew for "I like you". I struggle at learning languages, Illiterate until the end of second grade, taught myself to read, taught myself to write.
Lights pulsating wildly Floor vibrating violently through feet Chiffon and tulle swirling in brilliant pinwheels of color, Green Blue Red
What does the word love mean to me It's the thought of being free It lets your heart open to the air Why must I know where To find what I most desire My heart is so close to catching on fire
I am an ocean I am rough and wild and relentless Brutal You do not treat me as if I am Delicate Sea foam spun by the quells of love You look at me
I’ve seen the silhouette of a man wearing a hat, while standing in somebody’s yardAn obvious form to recognize, even at a glance was not very hardBut with just two dimensions, colored all black, there are limits to what can be learnedA facial prof
Her skin is of porcelain-- smooth and matte and cold like winter snow   Her eyes are lifeless--
Ah, the...”age old” question. If you suddenly became Tom Hanks in one of the movies that he surely has pasted onto his résumé by now, but you got to take one thing with you, what personal item would you take?
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