mother daughter

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our love bond maybe impossible to define by moons ans stars  oh my love , how can I explain the day I met you  For theirs time I was more than happy to gain my weight and to take each and every scar
You know,I hate when you treat me like a troubled child I mean I ain't got the best of sense but I'm not out here doing something without your consent Like okay uh l lied a couple times but was never slick with it 
my mother says she doesn't know why I care so much, what people think of me. isn't this the way you raised me, mother? "I can't wait until you care what you look like" "don't act like that in public"
When my mother first gave me black eyeliner It had glitter encased within don't make yourself look like a whore I was told with all the sincerity one could muster on Christmas morn
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