Our Relationship

our love bond maybe impossible to define by moons ans stars 

oh my love , how can I explain the day I met you 

For theirs time I was more than happy to gain my weight and to take each and every scar


I am still mesmerized by your baby steps 

your sparkling eyes and sweet smiling naps


You're the reason I feel as if I'm a strong woman 

You're the energy that gives power to my soul 


the first me my dear daughter 

I'm so glad to be your mother 

You taught me the true meaning of motherhood


Well its indeed true , I gave you the wings ,

and you'll be the most beautiful bird that would sings 


To me you're the seven wonders 

our relation of that of lightning and thunder 

Both of us live to ignite 

I search myself in you

its my reminiscence to remember the beautiful moments spent with you with fruity essence .... 


This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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