Everthing Is awsome scholorship

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New life is born in each breath we speak, So speak  good living words unto your reflection. While, yes, we are a troubled hurt generation, Our hearts are strong if we allow them to be.  
You ever get that feeling Of these sparks  Going up and down your body Feeling your heart accelerate Your smile growing This feeling of complete bliss With your with family or friends
Not many people believe in magic, but it is always there, like a mere silver lining. or a brush of paint across a ragged, bumpy, white canvas. When one good word can make someone smile,
March 25 2012 When I was 6 years old I lost something It wasn’t just anything Not something that can be replaced at a store Not a thing But a who, At just six years old I lost my father,
His smile is what keeps me going His smile makes me smile back   His laugh is what makes my day His laugh is what the sound of happiness is   His eyes are what I look at most
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