New life is born in each breath we speak,

So speak  good living words unto your reflection.

While, yes, we are a troubled hurt generation,

Our hearts are strong if we allow them to be.


When I wake I am greeted with a choice,

To feel anxieties lemon in my anxious wounds or stand on rocks of pure promise,

My mind now leans to choose the latter,  

Once compelled with guilt, in the light, I hear my true thoughts speak.


And that is the reason, I tell you honest,

Why my head is on my shoulders and my back is to the sun;

When so much goes wrong and your hearts left in stitches ,

The best thing to do is bide time in painless concentration.


When I look at you I smile,

And in your face, yes, I see myself.

You are my reason and with out a doubt I know our bond will prevail. 


What I mean to say is that no matter if we are dead or alive life carries on,

So we may just as well get on living,

Someone will always need us.

Be honest and kind, don't be fooled by the feeling of loose; 

A stomped fruit can still make great applesauce!

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