Life Positivity

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I made it here Came from there Ain't it fair? This life, this here What we were given A car meant to be driven A cake meant to be baked Every minute you cry, sigh and ache
Trying to be a voice to the voiceless while I'm still trying to find my own, trying to give words to the speechless yet still trying to set the tone, quiet but still outspoken, cracked but still unbroken,
Deep and rich,Smooth and clear,A masterpiece painted for the ears,A sweet perfume to the listener.A silvery song,A tenor or base,The loud radio announcer,Or the soft-spoken artist.
If I ever have a son His name would be Light  But they would call him King    I'll make him laugh So the world could hear him giggle  One of his many names would be Simple  
I’m having a hard time accepting I’m soft–soft stomach, soft heart,my soft way of telling othersI’m having a hard time.It leaves me hesitating at mirrors,
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